Plays a single MIDI or RMF file

Purpose. Plays a single MIDI or RMF file.


java MidiRecorder -l
java MidiRecorder [-s] [-m] [-d <devicename>] [-c] [-S <sequencername>] <midifile>



list the availabe MIDI devices


play on the MIDI port

-d <devicename>

play on the named MIDI device


dump on the console

-S <sequencername>

play using the named Sequencer


the file name of the MIDI or RMF file that should be played

Bugs, limitations.  For the Sun jdk1.3/1.4, playing to the MIDI port and dumping to the console do not work. You can make it work by installing the MidiShare plug-in. For Tritonus, playing RMF files does not work (and will not work until the specs are published).

Source code.,,, gnu.getopt.Getopt